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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Photo Sharpen Form FAQ. Here you can easily read the answers to the most asked questions. Please click on any question to see the answer. If your question is not in the list bellow, please Contact Us

   General Questions

1. What are the System Requirements for Photo Sharpen?
2. Does Photo Sharpen Really Work?
3. Does Photo Sharpen cost any money?

Q. What are the System Requirements for Photo Sharpen?

A. is a web-based software, therefore anyone from anywhere in the world with a computer, phone, tablet PC, or a gadget with an internet connection and a web browser can visit our site and sharpen their photos.

Q. Does Photo Sharpen Really Work?

A. Photo-sharpen is a simple automatic software that will enhance sharpness of most photos, however, there is no such thing as a 1 size fit all. Go ahead and try photo sharpen for free and see for yourself.

Q. Does Photo Sharpen cost any money?

A. While free things are good, we do need to pay for website hosting and bandwidth, and maintenance. This is why we allow all visitors to sharpen 10 photo images for free. But to help keep things running and more improvements, after the initial 10 free photo sharpening, we ask you to subscribe for a small fee of $9.95/month. Subscribe through paypal and you can enjoy unlimited photo sharpening anytime anywhere. You can easily cancel photo-sharpen paypal subscription anytime from inside your paypal account, follow this link here to learn how.

If you have any problems which are not supported above, please contact as soon as possible.

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